Here at Mirodo we’re all for creative ways to engage pupils in the classroom. We all know how popular emojis are and many of us use them on a daily basis. But the popularity of bitmojis from snapchat, had us thinking about creative ways to introduce them in the classroom! Using bitmojis can create a fun and engaging atmosphere for learning.

Bitmojis are easy and quick to create. You will have to create a Snapchat account, download the Bitmoji app and link your Snapchat with it. Once you have completed this, you can start customising your Bitmoji to look like yourself! This is the fun part!

Finally, you can log in to your Snapchat, select and download all the Bitmoji styles, ready to be used!

Here are several ways you can incorporate the use of Bitmojis in your classroom:

1. Set the lesson objective with your Bitmoji

This a fun way to start the lesson. You could include it in your presentation on the first slide or have a printable form for the whiteboard. See how your pupils engage with the lesson objective using this unique approach.

2. Reward Pupil’s homework and good behaviour with Bitmoji stickers

Why not try an unconventional form of marking by using Bitmoji stickers! This is a great way to surprise your pupils and motivate them to achieve using a personalised sticker. You could even include your own favourite catch phrases to use. The Bitmoji sticker could be used to reward good behaviour, excellent work, pupil of the week etc.

3. Display classroom rules

Use specific Bitmojis to represent various rules. Try creating different signs to use in the classroom. Or even use them attached to a stick to hold up to catch your pupils’ attention.

4. Use your Bitmoji as labels

There are hundreds of Bitmoji styles to explore and use. Why not use your Bitmoji to label different parts of the classroom or in and around the school. For example, teachers desk, computer space, music room etc.

5. Schedule the lesson plan or day with Bitmojis

Look forward to the teaching day by a reminder of your Bitmoji on your schedule. This is a fun way to create your timetable or lesson plans for the day. For the maths lesson, you could use a maths related Bitmoji.

We hope these fun ideas may have inspired you to create a fun learning atmosphere using Bitmojis. Don’t forget to share your Bitmoji designs with us too!