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It’s that time of the year again! It’s getting colder outside, leaves are falling and the day gets shorter and shorter. As the end of October approaches so does Halloween, the fun and spooky holiday where children go trick or treating for all kinds of candy. At Mirodo, we made this quick guide to ensure parents and their children have an exciting Halloween. Feel free to try as many tips as you want and remember to have fun!

Pumpkin Carving

Carving a pumpkin and making a Jack-O’-Lantern to signify your house gives out candy is one of the most exciting activities a parent can do with their child. There are plenty of designs you can come up with or browse online for other creative options. Furthermore, make sure your child participates in the designing stage and perhaps uses a pen or marker to outline the shape, but do be careful with knives, scissors and other sharp objects around children. Make sure you are the main person to carve the pumpkin with sharp objects, however your child can use child-friendly scissors which are much safer.

Dressing Up

Another classic activity is for your child to dress up for Halloween. This seems fairly simple but may include a few different layers that must be accounted for. The costume itself is the most basic and easy to execute. Ask your child what they want to dress up as and combine that with your knowledge of their interests to pick out a fitting costume. The second layer is face paint. This is optional as it really depends on the character they are dressing up as or the one used for inspiration. An easier and less messy way may be to wear a mask instead. Lastly, are there any accessories that must be purchased as well? Props and other spooky objects such as swords, shields and wings for superhero costumes can be purchased separately to ensure your child is happy in their completed costume.

Halloween Baking

Baking during Halloween can be an exciting activity for both you and your child. Using templates of Halloween themed symbols such as pumpkins, bats and bones can make these already delicious treats look even better. You can also experiment with the ingredients you use such as ginger, sugar and different spices to give the food a more unique taste fitting for Halloween. Make sure to have your child assist you in the baking process whenever suitable for an extra amount of fun through participation.

Trick or Treat

Going trick or treating is perhaps the activity most children look forward to the most. Knocking on people’s doors and asking for sweets is a fun activity that anyone can participate in. This year Halloween 2020 may look different, however, you can still get into the Halloween spirit with the new trick or treating way. Simply download and print the Halloween poster here, and stick it on your window. Whilst anytime, you and your child is out and spots the same Halloween poster on a window, you can give your child a treat. Many parents across the country are getting involved in this new and safer way of trick or treating, so why not join the fun!

Halloween Activity Pack

At Mirodo, we have compiled a Halloween activity pack for your child to get stuck into! Packed with fun and educational worksheets and completely free to download, get your child to complete the pack at home. Download My Free Halloween Activity Pack here.


Movie Night

Having a movie night can be the perfect way to wrap up Halloween depending on how late your child comes back from trick or treating. If it’s not too late and there’s still time for a movie you may wish to choose a more child friendly, animated spooky movie rather than going outright horror, but it’s up to what you believe is appropriate for your child. We recommend Monster House, Goosebumps and ParaNorman to start you off, but there are plenty of scary movies suited for children so take your pick.

We hope this guide was helpful and gave you enough ideas to try with your children. As always, use the ones you believe are most applicable to them and their unique way of celebrating. Enjoy!

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