Access our all through KS2 online platform for FREE during period of a school closure.

Primary and Secondary schools around the world are closing due to the upsurge in Coronavirus cases. Whilst other schools are still running, many teachers are forced to make preparations ahead in case of any sudden announcements of school closures. Part of preparations involve constructing home learning packs for pupils staying at home. However with excessive printing and photocopying majority schools are seeking online learning platforms for their pupils.

At Mirodo, our aim is to support teachers and parents in ensuring learning is continued at home by offering schools our, all through KS2 online platform for FREE during the period of school closure. The platform covers English and Maths, from ages 8 to 11, inclusive of all topics from the KS2 national curriculum. Pupils and teachers can access the platform remotely from a computer, tablet or laptop enabling flexible and tailored education.

How can teachers sign up for free?

Setting up your account is really simple and easy. Using this link, fill out the form and one of team will be in touch – If you previously held an account with us, all we have to do is just reactivate it which is really quick. Please bear with us if your account takes a short while to set up, this is due to the influx of set up requests our team have been receiving.

How Mirodo’s all-in-one platform can help teachers and pupils?

Mirodo has two funnels, the pupil end and the teacher end. Pupils have access to; 28,000x online practice questions, covering all KS2 topics in the national curriculum, instant marking and feedback, several test sets and goals and trophies to boost pupil confidence and motivation.

The Teacher end is extremely easy to navigate from home. From setting tasks, homework and tests within minutes. The online KS2 platform also enables teachers to access full reporting features from class to individual and gap reports. This allows to target intervention areas and greater depth learners though the differentiated question types. Turn on or off the online communication tool between pupils and teachers to deliver instruction to remote students when school is closed. Along with other useful features, Mirodo is perfect for teachers to extend learning remotely and at their own convenience. For more information on the platform, visit and get started immediately.

Looking For Year 6 SATs Resources?

Worried about school closures affecting SATs preparations? …SATs Companion’s all-in-one SATs preparation tool allows teachers and pupils to extend Year 6 SATs revision remotely and at any time of the day!

SATs Companion Features:

Over 28,000 practice questions

10 x Maths, SPAG & Reading test sets

50 plus Video lessons covering key topics

Full Reporting; gap analysis, class and individual pupil.

Instant Marking and feedback

Personalised goals and rewards tool