Fun and Engaging Easter Activities For Your Child To Try This Easter 2020

As Easter is is approaching, it’s time to start preparing to get stuck in to all the fun and crafty Easter activities!

Aside from collecting and eating a bunch of Easter eggs, there are a numerous, engaging activities children can get involved in. At Mirodo, we have compiled some FREE Easter activities for your child to keep busy this April 2020, filled with Maths and English worksheets, games and puzzles.

1. Craft Your Own Egg Shells

o start preparing to get stuck in to all the fun and crafty Easter activities!

Make use of your empty egg shells and decorate them to use as Easter decoration! This can be done from empty boiled egg shells. Firstly, ensure you only cut off a small part of the egg shell on top. Wash and turn them upside down. Now decorate your egg shell using plastic googly eyes, paint, felt tip , glitter or any other craft materials . You may want to finish off by placing them in a small basket and decorating that too! Check out this video for creative ideas –

2. Mini Eggs Count Champ

This is an easy activity to do and will bring the competitive edge out of everyone! Simply put a large amount of mini chocolate eggs in a clear jar and get everyone to guess how many mini eggs there inside. Whoever has the closes number is the winner and gets to keep all the jar contents! Tip – mini eggs can also be replaced with jellybeans. This would be great to introducing an extra layer to the game by getting everyone to guess the flavour of the jellybean by eating it with their eyes closed.

3. Flower Growing

Easter is a time of renewal and a reminder of restored life. So what’s a better time than to plant some flowers. You might want to consider planting some daffodils and lilies, as these are commonly planted at the start of spring, As lockdown is in force, this is a perfect activity to do at home in the garden! Don’t forget to take a picture of your plant pot and tag us in! We’d like to see the growth!

4. Easter Egg Hunt

Keep children entertained with this fun Easter activity. Whether in the school or at home, an egg hunt is a great way to get children into the Easter spirit, not to mention the goodies they can pick up on the way! Simply map out your route, download our egg hunt templates, which can be found in our Easter Activities Pack 2021. Write out different clues, and finally place them in the secret spots with a Easter egg or goody. Save the best prize for the last find!

5. Easter Kindness Basket

Since lockdown started, many people’s well-being have been affected. From feeling lonely, anxious and uneasy, it’s important to spread some positivity to the world. That’s why this Easter kindness basket is a perfect way to encourage children to participate in displaying an act of kindness and make Easter more meaningful. All you have to do it, get a basket, fill either with decorated egg shells or chocolate eggs. On a sheet of sticky labels, write different kind messages, such as ‘have a wonderful day!, or ‘you’re egg-cellent!’ Next, stick each label onto a each egg. Finally with neighbours or family and friends, ask them to pick an egg from the basket and read out the message. We hope you brighten up someones day!

6. Read an Engaging Easter Book

This activity is a perfect way for children to incorporate learning whilst getting creative. Reading an Easter themed book on Easter weekend will keep children occupied and entertained. Within some books, the author encourages the reader to carry out fun Easter activities such as making a real-life egg tree. Check out this page for books great Easter book recommendations, such as ‘Emma and the Easter Bunny’, ‘The Lion Storyteller’, ‘A Room Full of Chocolate.’ etc.

We hope these activities will be useful and entertaining during the Easter break. Don’t forget to download our FREE Easter Activity Pack, filled with fun worksheets to get stuck into this Easter. Click here to download.

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