Fun KS2 Maths Activities (Free worth £10)

With Maths as one of the foundation subjects, it’s can be useful to build on school learning with at home activities.  At Mirodo, we’ve put together a selection of fun and engaging KS2 Maths activities to help boost Maths skills. Consolidate your child’s arithmetic and reasoning abilities with this fun activity pack.

These activities are completely free and suitable for almost all KS2 years, including, Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5. For Year 6 SATs focused Maths and English resources, have a look at these year 6 SATs activities. Or for more Maths focused activities, check out our Fun Maths Crafts blog.


ACTIVITY 1: Colour by Times Tables

Free download

Understanding key Maths terms from early is essential as this will allow your child to understand specific KS2 Maths topics more easily. This exercise is perfect to boost familiarity in the lead up to any KS2 assessments your child may towards the end of term.

Instructions: In your own words, write down the definitions of the key Maths terms listed in the worksheet. You can access the Maths Terms Breakdown worksheet here.


ACTIVITY 2: Wheel of Fortune

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The rounding up or down of numbers is a major part of KS2 Maths. In Year 3 and year 4, children will be taught how to go about rounding whole numbers to the nearest ten or hundred. Try out this activity with your child and find out what they know about rounding.

Instructions: Download the wheel of fortune template. Print and cut around the edges. This activity is pretty simple. All you need is a pen/pencil or maker and place it on top of the wheel in the centre and spin the pen. Based on the number the tip of the pen points to, your child has to round it up or down.


ACTIVITY 3: Operation 4

This activity involves finding how many ways to make a specific number by using all the 4 different operations ( + , – , ÷ , x ). Numbers to consider total up to, 12, 18, 24, 26 and 30.

Instructions: On several small pieces of paper, write down a different total number on each piece. Turn them over, so that the blank side is showing. Now, your child must pick one at random and write down the different ways to make the total of that number. This Maths activity is a fun and easy way to boost KS2 arithmetic skills.



ACTIVITY 4: Guess The 3D Shape

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Check your child’s understanding of 3D shapes and properties with this Guess The 3D Shape activity. This KS2 topic is typically taught in year 3 and year 4, however can get more complex when properties are included, e.g vertices, faces and edges. This activity will reinforce your child’s knowledge on 3D shapes regardless of whether they are in year 3, year 5 or year 5.

Instructions: Simply download the 3D shapes template, and cut around the edges of each place card. Turn over each card and get your child to pick one at random. Once you have revealed the card, they have to guess the name of the shape. To make it more tricky, why not ask them to state how many vertices, faces or edges the face has?


ACTIVITY 5: Fun with Factors

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This activity involves factoring numbers down to their prime factors. This KS2 topic is taught at basic level during year 4 and progresses into more difficult questions at year 5 and year 6. Perfect to reiterate and improve your child’s factoring knowledge, this worksheet is comprised of a mixture of moderate and intermediate questions to complete.

Instructions: Download our Fun with Factors worksheet. All you have to do is, factor some of the numbers provided down to their prime number and write them out. Print and get factoring!


ACTIVITY 6: Maths Terms Breakdown

Free download

Boost multiplication skills with this fun colouring exercise. Help your child meet the KS2 national curriculum objectives of recalling multiplication and division facts up to the 12 times tables. If your child is in year 3 or year 4, then this activity is better suited for them.

Instructions: Download our Fun with Factors worksheet. This activity is extremely simple, write down the definitions of the KS2 Maths terms provided on the worksheet. Print and get factoring!


ACTIVITY 7: Fraction Match Cards

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Many children do not have fractions in their list of top favourite KS2 Maths topics. However, we have made learning and fractions more appealing for your child. With the fun and interactive element of using math cards to reiterate their knowledge of fractions, your child will be confident with this topic in no time. This KS2 activity is suited to year 3’s.

Instructions: Download and print our Fraction Match Cards template. Cut around the edges of each card, then separate the fractions and the images. Your child now has to guess which fraction will match the correct image. Remember to shuffle the cards!

We hope these activities will prepare your child to ease into commencing the new term with the right attitude and minimise those back to school blues. Let us know how you get on by tagging us on our Facebook page!

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