Maths can sometimes be tricky, and using arts and crafts is a great way to make the subject more engaging.

With these Maths crafts, revision can become fun and engaging . This is a great method of revising topics learnt whether in class or at home.

Read on to find out a great list of maths crafts for to try today.

?Flower Plates

Creating flower plates are a great way to memorise the fractions. All you need is paper plates, paint and markers. Start off by painting each plate a different colour, then cut the plate according to the appropriate fraction e.g(a third into 3 parts). Finally write on each part with a visible marker the relevant fraction…. With this activity your child can build their fractions knowledge in no time!

? Shark Maths

This craft is an innovative way to learn greater than and less than. You will need cut-outs of boats and sharks. You can be as creative as possible with it! For the boat’s flag, take a square card cut-out and draw on different images representing each value as seen below. This revision craft is used best when practising with others.

☀️ Sun of

It’s great to practice the fundamentals. Improve your addition skills with our game of “sun of”. Easy to create, with only pegs and paper, practise addition in a more innovative way. Cut out a yellow piece of card in the shape of a sun, and write a whole value in the middle then add pegs all around the card. Finally, on each peg, with a marker or felt tip, write up different sums that will add up to the value in the middle. See below for example.

✖️Lego Multiplication

Lego multiplication is an engaging way to memorise the times tables whilst having fun at the same time. Build a lego tower to represent each times table. For example, for two times tables, put two legos for (2×1), four legos for (2×2) etc…

Try these crafts. Don’t forget to share your creations with us on Twitter!

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