Here at Mirodo, our mission is inclusive education for everyone. That’s why we wanted to invite you to celebrate International Women’s Day with us and hear how the women at Mirodo are changing the future of educational technology.

Hannah, our Director of Marketing, is the key driving force behind our team. So, we took the opportunity to get her thoughts on the future of education and women’s role in shaping it. As a former teacher with years of experience in education, her invaluable insights continue to improve our platform and what we can offer to children.

Why did you step into Educational Technology? Why is it so important?

“I joined when we were an exciting educational technology start-up, some 6 years ago now!

It just felt like a really great thing to do. At the time there were changes in education and as a teacher, there’s this sense of dread for changing curriculum. I think we’re uniquely positioned to help teachers reduce workload.

We’re teachers and headteachers, we understand. This platform is from the classroom; for the classroom.”

On diversity in education and ed-tech

“Every teacher has a unique ability to shape their students’ lives. It’s really important to offer a different perspective. I’ve taught classes of all girls and all boys and you can see how important it is to be able to provide a female role model, or just a new perspective, to all students at such key moments in their lives.”

Our team here is made up of a diverse array of people, from different backgrounds and industries. There’s such a wide range of energies and perspectives. That’s our strength, it’s what makes us unique.”

Inclusive education starts with us, it starts with diversity. It means teachers and parents from every walk of life working together so that every child can achieve their potential. That’s why we’re such a diverse company, with so many women at the helm.

Here’s an article about our CEO, Sofia, discussing the importance of women in Educational-Technology.

Inspirational Women from History

Personal Female Inspiration?

“Ada Lovelace. She was a pioneer of computing who didn’t get the credit she deserved.  I’m really proud to be able to use our resources and reading texts to highlight the hidden impact of women throughout history.”

Figures like Ada Lovelace, one of the progenitors of computing, are all the more important now in an age where we’re able to supplement education with technology. With an increasing drive to engage young girls in STEM fields, there’s never been a better time to educate children on the pioneering role women have played in shaping computing. By studying the past and celebrating diverse and inspirational figures, we can encourage young minds to shape the future.

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