As your child moves through different stages of learning, keeping them motivated can be challenging. With Mirodo’s learning pathway, keep learning fun and engaging, whilst provided a targeted approach to closing gaps and boosting understanding.

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What is a learning path?

Mirodo’s learning path is a personalised programme focusing on specific gaps in understanding. Your child will complete a diagnostic assessment when they join Mirodo and based on the results, a personalised sequence of topics is structured along their path. We recommend completing 3 stops along the path each week.

The learning path can be used alongside Mirodo’s other features such as the independent practice section and our video library.

How does this support my child?

Personalised to your child’s strengths and areas of improvements, Mirodo’s learning path will help boost understanding and improve key skills in Maths, Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar and Reading.

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How it works?

Launch Path

To start the learning path, complete a diagnostic test set. The system will then populate a personalised path based on areas of strengths and improvements.

Complete Tasks

Complete the tasks in each box. You will have 12 tasks to complete in total in English and Maths and for each week you will have to complete 3 tasks maximum.

Continue along pathway

Complete each task in the box to continue along your learning path. Collect gems and coins for every task completed to use towards the shop!

Move on to next path

Once all tasks are complete, your path will turn purple! Move to the next part of the path and unlock a variety of fun and engaging themes.

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