Mirodo Education is a sponsor of the MATPN 2021 Show

Now that we can begin to all meet face-face again, one of our big goals for the new school year is to engage with even more schools.

From November 23rd-November 24th, 2021 we’re proud to announce that Mirodo Education will be a sponsor at the MATPN Show. This is a game-changing opportunity, and we just can’t wait.

The MATPN Show supports and enables collaboration with multi-academy trusts. Even as schools are still recovering from one of the largest disruptions to the UK education system, Mirodo has been instrumental in supporting schools with recovery, catch up and beyond.

We will be showcasing how Mirodo can benefit and strengthen schools to enhance their teaching & pupil experience. Alongside Mirodo, we will be highlighting our ground-breaking sister platform, SATs Companion. Created with teachers in mind, SATs Companion keys in on SATs prep, along with boosting UKS2 attainment. 

Delegates will have the opportunity to discover, learn and connect with both Mirodo Education & SATs Companion, two of the leading platforms for KS2 and secondary transition with more than 60,000+ pupils supported across the UK.

Click here to visit the MATPN website to find out more, and book your free delegates ticket ready for November.

Want to find out more about how Mirodo Education can help improve your school’s learning? Email our team at info@mirodoeducation.com.