#My Rationing Recipe Challenge

Rationing was a means of ensuring fair distribution of food and commodities when they were scarce.

At Mirodo Education, we believe it is important to not only teach the importance of rationing, but value of money also. We encourage parents to use the current situation to educate their children on being resourceful and adaptive during the school closure period.

Challenge Instructions:

In light of the current home confinement restrictions, we have created a fun and purposeful challenge for your child to get involved in! The #Myrationingrecipe challenge involves creating a main dish using only 2 ingredients from your kitchen.

The rules are as follows:

Only 2 ingredients allowed

Out of the 2 ingredients, only 1 can be meat or poultry, if using this in your recipe.

You can use as many seasoning products as you want.

Download our free recipe template below and get started!

Don’t forget to share your recipes with us and @us on Facebook and Twitter. The winning recipe will receive a free 6 months subscription to Mirodo’s online learning platform! ….Good luck