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Simple and quick online formative assessments for every topic for Maths and English. If it’s a question of time, we’ve got you covered with assessments that are low maintenance, don’t break the budget and won’t need a full ICT team to manage. It’s assessments, but better.

Targeted and Differentiated

Set differentiated practice tasks for every pupil, accessible both in class and as homework. With instant marking and feedback, you’ll have access to real-time data - It’s easy as pie.

With over 40 innovative types of questions, Mirodo focuses on depth of understanding. Mirodo’s unique Smart Marking Tool (Hey- we had to have one marketing buzzword!) personalises every task and guides pupils to practice topics according to their individual needs.

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  • Mirodo helps to identify strengths and intervention areas. Through our advanced reporting tool, you can support your planning and intervene when it matters most. With real-time data, you can easily visualise pupil performance across every task completed.
  • Mirodo brings you meaningful, formative assessments that integrate seamlessly into your classroom.
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Instant Marking? Yes please! Real-time data gives you a clear insight into how your pupils are progressing. Set questions as homework or classwork. With detailed data accessible anytime, anywhere, you can track progress in an instant. Track pupils’ progress against the National Curriculum objectives for Maths and English. No-sweat data analysis - now that’s my kind of assessment system.

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