World Book Day is here! Across the UK, children are getting dressed up and celebrating the joy of reading in school and at home. Here at Mirodo Education, our team of teachers has been talking all things literary and how we can help you spark your child’s passion for reading further. Keep reading for five fun World Book Day activities to trigger your child’s creative imagination. Plus, a link to our free printable activity pack!

1.Ask them their favourite hero/heroine? And why?

We all fall in love with a story through its characters. Loveable rogues, brave heroes and heroines, and mysterious and aloof oddities. They are the very heart of a story. From childhood, we all remember the names of our favourites, so asking kids who theirs is can really get them excited to share. Verbally asking is a simple way to do this exercise or take it a step further with a creative twist (E.g., Making a collage of their favourite hero).

2.Who’s their favourite villain? And why?

No story would be complete without a villain! Memorable antagonists, fear-inducing foes and too

terrible to name tyrants, a hero is only as good as the villain they overcome. We can all recall the

first fictional baddie to make us frown, so let’s engage with children by asking them which fictional

villain left the biggest impression on them.

3.Draw your favourite character

A picture is worth a thousand words. Some of our most beloved children books come with drawings

and art to accompany the tale. Engaging with a medium like drawing and painting can really solidify

a moment in a child’s memories. So, let’s get artistic and break out the paints! Additional tip: If your child can name more than one favourite character, ask them to draw others using different materials (E.g., Coloured pencils, chalk, wax crayons)

4.Which fictional world would you like to visit? And why?

Ever opened a wardrobe and secretly hoped to find Narnia? Every child has dreamed of living out

their favourite tales of adventure. Encouraging this kind of thought-game is a sure way to get them

thinking. Encourage them to explore fictional worlds and watch as their passion for reading grows.

5.Write a short story on what you think that trip would be like

With all this talk of fictional wonders, we can encourage children to be the author of their own

adventure. Asking them to write a short story about their time in a fictional world, not only sparks

creativity but it also sparks their curiosity to discover new worlds in new books.


Through reading, everything is possible. So, share your favourite books with children and take an

interest in theirs. The next generation of writers and authors is already here, dreaming up new

worlds. With your support on World Book Day, a new generation of children can fall in love with


Although World Book Day comes but once a year, we’ve got you covered with our fun (and most importantly FREEWorld Book Day Activity Pack, complete with five+ fantastical printable worksheets.

Make sure to download your World Book Day Pack here, and be sure to visit our other resources for more fun as well.

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