Plastered on the walls or playing a song, there are many ways to help your child with their times tables. 

With the introduction of the new times tables test, it is important that children know their times tables confidently and are able to use it within their multiplication and division sums. Your child will need to know all their times tables up to the 12 times table by the time they reach the end of Year 4. Knowledge of times tables is a basic numeracy skill and without this foundation, maths can sometimes prove to be trickier than it needs to be. 

Here are some handy tips to help when teaching your child their times tables. 

  1. Get the foundations right

Many teachers start with times tables that share a pattern so it’s great to try and replicate this at home. The 2, 5 and 10 times tables are a good example of this! There are lots of songs or flashcards available online to help with these times tables. Here’s a great one (there’s lots of popular songs covered):

  2. Mirodo can help!

Use the Mirodo system to help track their progress through the numeracy questions. Our instant feedback means you won’t have to wait to see how your child has done. 

 3. Games can make the process easier

Try making the learning process more enjoyable by using games to help your child learn. Roll two dice and multiply the numbers together or try it with a pack of playing cards! You could also try a mystery box with lots of different numbers in. Ask your child to randomly select two numbers and multiply them!

 4. Snap!

Try playing times table snap! Make some times tables cards with both calculation cards and the answers. This is a fun way to ensure perfect recall! 

Use technology to your advantage! There are a multitude of games or apps out there to help specifically with times tables. A simple search can uncover a multitude of engaging games related to times tables. 

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