Data tracking

Instant coffee? I haven’t quite got behind that yet, but instant marking? Yes please! real-time feedback gives you analysis and tracking. Review questions, identify and then plan ahead with clear areas for improvement. With detailed data accessible anytime, anywhere, you can track progress in an instant. Track pupils’ progress against the National Curriculum objectives for Maths and English. No-sweat data analysis. Now that’s my kind of assessment system.

Powerful data insights at a pupil, group and class level. Here’s the kind of questions Mirodo helps you resolve:

  • Which of my pupils need support ithis topic?
  • Which types of questions were answered well?
  • How can I provide quick intervention to my pupils?

Pupil insights

  • Mirodo’s unique question bank has every question mapped to an area of the curriculum. Instant marking gives you instant access to your pupil’s progress. Drill down to see individual question responses or gain an overview on their performance. Clear, easy-to-digest data – available anywhere, at any time.

  • Real-time intervention is made quick and easy. Each question a pupil answers in both formative and summative assessments helps to build a unique picture of their strengths and areas of improvement.

  • Promote independent learning, Mirodo helps your pupils set learning goals. We all like to focus on things we’re good at, but with Mirodo’s unique rewards tool pupils are encouraged to work on target topics whilst extending their understanding on topics they are doing great at.

The teacher tool

  • Access your teacher dashboard – your gateway to clear and informed reports. Mirodo’s comprehensive reporting tool gives a snapshot report highlighting key information. Want more detailed reporting? We’ve got you covered with our GAP Analysis report and class level breakdown.

  • Straight forward reporting that keeps you in the loop. In just a few clicks, check how your pupils are engaged in a topic, trouble spots and progression. Easy-breezy reporting – now there’s three words you never thought you’d see together!

  • Take the mystery out of a new class with Mirodo’s all through reporting tool which allows you to see how pupil’s understanding of a topic and the curriculum progresses throughout KS2. Compare pupils across groups, classes and your school for Years 3-6.

Access your free Maths and English assessment for your class.

Looking for formative assessments?

Mirodo offers online practice questions, accessible at school or home - instantly marked.

Drowning in data?

Access pupil, class and cohort reports with our advanced reporting tool. Instant marking gives you powerful insights - available anytime, anywhere.