How Ambler Primary School is using Mirodo to enhance Homework and Assessments.

Case Study: Enhancing Homework Practices at Ambler Primary School with Mirodo

School Overview:

Ambler Primary School, located in Islington, is a vibrant 2-form entry school with a diverse cohort. The team at Ambler is committed to providing tailored support and resources to ensure every pupil reaches their full potential. The school had various factors to consider when implementing a new platform such as a significant number of EAL, Pupil Premium, and SEN pupils across all year groups. 

Introduction to Mirodo:

Before integrating Mirodo into their homework practices, Ambler Primary School primarily utilised platforms like Mathletics. While these platforms did help with certain aspects, they were looking for a more comprehensive solution that aligned closely with the national curriculum and provided targeted support for their pupils.

Implementation Process:

As the team were previously using SATs Companion, the transition across to Mirodo was smooth. The adoption of Mirodo began with thorough staff training sessions and introductory sessions with pupils to familiarise them with the platform's features. Additionally, parents were provided with a help guide to support their children's use of Mirodo at home. This ensured a seamless integration of the platform across all KS2 year groups, promoting consistency in homework practices throughout the school.

Utilisation and Impact:

Mirodo's implementation has had a significant impact on both pupils and staff at Ambler Primary School. Pupils benefited from clear weekly homework tasks in Maths and English, with additional support available through homework clubs for some children. The platform allowed pupils to consolidate their learning at home and provided access to tailored resources, including videos linked to the curriculum.

Key Findings

  1. Enhanced Engagement: Teachers reported an increase in homework completion rates.

  2. Attainment: Mirodo supported pupils in achieving favourable results in the Year 6 SATs.

  3. Reduced Workload: Teachers benefited from an easier homework-setting process and auto-marking features.

  4. Parental Involvement: The platform's videos extended learning support to families at home.

  5. Staff Impact: The ability to quickly set homework and automated marking significantly reduced teacher workload.

  6. Pupil Impact: Pupils adapted well to the clear expectations and benefited from  Mirodo's video library, improving their understanding.

Teacher Testimonials:

  • Streamlined Homework Practices: "Mirodo has made the setting of homework standardised throughout the school, saving time and ensuring consistency in tasks."

  • Increased Engagement: "Children find it easy to navigate and complete tasks on Mirodo, leading to a higher completion rate of homework assignments."

  • Support for Differentiated Learning: "Mirodo has been effective in providing targeted support for a diverse range of learners."

Pupils Testimonials:

  • Clarity and Support: "Mirodo helps us understand what we need to do each week, and the videos really help us learn."

  • Enjoyment of Learning: "I like using Mirodo because it's fun to do the tasks, especially in Science."


In conclusion, Mirodo has emerged as a valuable tool for Ambler Primary School, supporting homework practices, promoting pupil engagement, and providing targeted support for diverse learning needs. As they continue to use Mirodo as part of their teaching and learning strategies, the school remains committed to maximising its impact on pupil attainment and progress.