All-in-one Intervention and Assessments for KS2

Transform your KS2 attainment & provide targeted intervention. With Mirodo, you can effortlessly assess and intervene to boost KS2 learning outcomes. Our tools are designed to pinpoint areas for improvement and deliver tailored support, ensuring every pupil reaches their full potential. Discover the all-in-one platform that is both effective and engaging.

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How Schools use Mirodo…

Explore the ways schools are using Mirodo to support teachers and pupils.

  • Homework
  • Intervention
  • Assessment
  • SATs Preparation and Boosters
Adaptive Technology

Why Mirodo?

Full Curriculum Coverage across KS2 for Reading, GPS, Science and Maths.

  • 100+ video lessons to support teaching and learning
  • Over 70,000 Differentiated practice questions to build fluency
  • Identify gaps, track and monitor progress with detailed data insights for Years 3, 4, 5 & 6

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Mirodo is your all-in-one solution for schools. It reduces teacher workload and saves time with streamlined lesson planning and marking tools. Designed with school budgets in mind, Mirodo replaces costly printed materials with digital resources. It's engaging and fun for pupils, featuring learning videos and rewards to keep pupils motivated. Simplify your teaching and make learning enjoyable with Mirodo.

Save Time

Spend less time preparing, marking and analysing assessments. Our comprehensive range of resources will assess your pupils’ skills across the Curriculum and give you data insights for attainment, progress and intervention.

Budget Friendly

Mirodo helps schools save money by moving from printed worksheets to digital resources, cutting down on costs. It makes assessment and homework prep easier, so teachers spend less time on admin tasks. With personalised learning, schools can reduce extra support costs.

Reduce Workload

Reduce your workload with Mirodo’s instant marking and feedback tool. Quickly identify gaps in learning to support intervention. Save up to 3 hours per week planning worksheets, homework and classwork. Search thousands of questions mapped to the NC for every topic.

Engaging and Fun

Mirodo keeps pupils engaged with interactive learning videos, transforming difficult subjects into accessible content. Through the reward system, pupils are motivated to progress, earning coins and gems for their achievements. Mirodo encourages active participation, ensuring pupils remain excited and invested in their learning journey.

Case Studies

Explore real-world case studies showcasing how schools use Mirodo to boost progress and reduce workload.

Case Study

Ambler Primary School

Case Study: Enhancing Homework Practices at Ambler Primary School with Mirodo

Case Study

Bede Community Primary School

Case Study: Using Mirodo to support intervention and reduce teacher workload

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