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Support your child from £9/hour with high-quality, affordable tuition from Years 7 to 11.

  • Boost progress for English, Maths, Science and Computing
  • Online Group & One-to-One lessons
  • Supported by UK qualified teachers


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Key Stage 3

Mirodo Tuition for Year 7, 8 and 9

Mirodo offers specialised tuition for KS3 students, focusing on the core subjects. Our expert tutors provide personalised support, reinforcing classroom knowledge and building a strong foundation for future academic success.

  • Flexible timings and availability
  • All subject topics covered
  • Interactive and engaging lessons
Key Stage 4

Mirodo Tuition for GCSE Success

Mirodo offers targeted tuition for GCSE students, focusing on exam preparation and success. Our expert tutors guide students through key concepts and exam techniques, helping them build the skills and confidence they need to excel. 

  • Achieve target grades
  • All exam boards covered
  • Revision and exam-prep support

Year 11

Year 11 is all about GCSE exam success. Mirodo Tuition provides targeted support, comprehensive revision strategies, and expert guidance to ensure learners are well-prepared to achieve their best results. We work to build confidence and reduce exam stress through consistent practice and effective study techniques.

Year 7

Transitioning from primary to secondary school can be a challenge. At Mirodo Tuition, we focus on building a solid foundation for Year 7 students. We reinforce core subjects and foster confidence, ensuring a smooth start to their secondary school journey.

Year 8

Year 8 is about building on the foundations. Our tailored lessons deepen understanding and encourage curiosity, setting the stage for more complex topics. We aim to spark a love for learning that lasts.

Year 9

In Year 9, we extend knowledge while consolidating the KS3 curriculum. Mirodo Tuition helps students prepare for the transition to KS4 by reinforcing key concepts and honing study skills for the challenges ahead.

Year 10

Starting the KS4 curriculum, Year 10 is when the focus shifts to GCSE preparation. At Mirodo Tuition, we offer specialised support to cover exam-focused topics, equipping students with the skills and knowledge they need for success.

Mirodo is Award Winning

Tried and Tested

Loved by teachers, pupils and parents!

The tutors at Mirodo were really helpful and they helped to boost my grades from a grade 5 to a grade 8!



My daughter has been attending classes with Mirodo and we are happy with the progress she has made. Many thanks to her tutor and the rest of the team.



I would recommend this tuition centre, the tutors have been excellent and all the team are helpful.



I've been attending Mirodo tuition classes since Year 10 and I've found it to be really helpful. The revision tips and exam practice were really great. Would highly recommend!



Mirodo has been great for my daughter since she started secondary. Thank you Mirodo, we've felt supported this year.


How does Mirodo Tuition work?

4 Steps to help your child

Pick the right tutor

Choose from Group and One-to-One lessons. We have a diverse team of experienced tutors who specialise in KS3 and GCSE tuition.

Tailored Learning

Receive tutoring that caters to your child's unique needs and learning style. Our team adjust content and pitch to ensure engagement and progress.

Regular Reports

Get frequent progress updates, including detailed feedback on strengths and areas for improvement. This insight helps you understand your child's academic journey.

Achieve Results

With focused support and consistent effort, your child will reach their academic goals, build confidence and fulfil their potential.


Does my child need tutoring?

A tutor’s role is to support in developing the skills that your child is learning in the classroom. These are different for every child, our community ethos helps provide both academic and pastoral support. Younger learners will focus on building the key skills necessary to start working independently, this may be through learning how to communicate, following instructions and developing concentration skills. Whilst a child starting secondary school might have specific areas of difficulty that they are looking for support with. There are many different reasons that you may seek out a tutor and it’s reassuring to know that whatever age your child is, adding someone else to their circle of trusted people, cheering them on in a positive learning environment will also be a great thing.

Is Mirodo Tuition mapped to the national curriculum (School lessons)?

Yes - all of our lessons and material provided, including the homework, assessments and booster resources, are checked and approved by our curriculum team and mapped to the national curriculum in England for Years 3 - 11.

How does Mirodo Tuition work online?

Online learning with Mirodo Tuition is highly effective. Your child has weekly online lessons, working on a bespoke curriculum, supported by our skilled subject specialists. It’s everything you’d expect from face-to-face private tuition delivered via live video. If you have a computer, laptop or tablet with audio capability, then we can tutor your child in the comfort of your own home.

Group vs one-to-one: which is the best for my child?

Our group lessons will support your child alongside no more than 7 learners. Children benefit from the company of their peers and gain skills and understanding whilst they work on their own programme of work. This helps children boost confidence, feel that they are in a club, provides high-quality learning at an affordable rate. Our one-to-one tuition is a good solution for focused support and intervention, for children who are easily distracted and who need additional help to build self-confidence and independent learning skills. If you’re seeking a private subject specialist, your child works better with focused learning, or they have specific goals they are working towards, this is the place to start.

What Subjects and Grade levels do you support?

We work with children from Years 3-11 (ages 7-16+). Our Primary lessons cover the full UK curriculum in English, Maths and Science. Our Secondary lessons cover the full UK curriculum in English, Maths, Science and Computer Science.

What is the availability for Mirodo Tuition?

Our team are available to chat from 9am-6pm, Monday-Saturday. Our up-to-date lesson schedule can be found on our booking page.

How long are the lessons/How long do the packages run for?

Our lessons are 1 hour long, you may also book 2 hour lessons where available. Our packages run for 4-weeks, 12-weeks and 36-weeks, you can book 1 hour or 2 hours per week for these lengths of time for any given subject.