How Bede Primary School is using Mirodo to support intervention and reduce teacher workload.

Case Study: Using Mirodo to support intervention and reduce workload.

We talked to the team at Bede Community Primary School, who explained the positive impact that Mirodo has had on both pupils and teachers.

1) Since implementing Mirodo this academic year, what's been your initial thoughts?

We have been delighted to find and use Mirodo over the last few months.  On first look, it seemed almost too good to be true, with absolutely everything a primary teacher would want to assist them in the teaching of maths and English all in one place.  We looked into things further and our initial response to the personal run-through of the programme was again heading towards disbelief -  every question we had to ask had been well-considered by the company and the resources were top-notch. 

We are a school that has never bought into schemes.  This is no scheme;  it is an incredible bank of resources that can be assembled to fit the children in front of you and which responds to their needs as they answer. There is feedback to teachers and children and suggestions as to where to go next. High-quality reviews and teaching videos are available at the touch of a button and the models and representations used are ideal. The package really is what it says it is.

 B. McCallion, Deputy Headteacher

2) How has Mirodo impacted teaching and learning?

Using Mirodo has made such a difference in my ability to pre-teach. Before beginning a new unit of work, I can assign the children tasks which allow me to gauge their understanding of previous learning. It's a great tool for activating that prior knowledge, supporting me with retrieval practice opportunities and then when we have moved forward with learning, I can use assessments to provide a clear insight into who has moved forward and who will require further practice or support."

A. Riley - Y6 teacher

3) How has using Mirodo helped with assessments?

"The programme is so useful as a means to check deeper understanding among the children as it often presents problems in a slightly different way to how they have seen them before. My higher-attaining children recently wrapped up a block of maths teaching on fractions and decimals by completing 2 tasks I'd set on Mirodo. As you can see, they were able to demonstrate their deeper understanding. It's a great way to assess and I use it for this purpose often."

A. Orme Year 5 Teacher

4) How have the pupils responded to Mirodo?

'I love that it is so easy to use. When you’re doing the question and you don’t do it well, it gives you another question like that to help you get better.'

Y5 Pupil 

'If you get something wrong on a topic or don’t do well, it will advise you on something else that will help at school.' 
Y6 Pupil