How Mirodo Is Changing the Game at Mablins Lane Community Primary School

At Mablins Lane Community Primary School, the shift to Mirodo as an online learning platform has transformed how homework and classroom learning are approached. The school previously tested platforms like MyMaths and Mathletics. The response? “We didn't find these platforms user-friendly, and the uptake by the children was low,” according to school staff.

Why Mirodo?

Located in a diverse urban area, Mablins Lane serves a wide range of pupils, including many from disadvantaged backgrounds and a significant number on the SEND register. The school equipped all Key Stage 2 pupils with Samsung tablets as a catch-up tool post-Covid, paving the way for Mirodo’s introduction.

The immediate reactions from the team at Mablins Lane were positive: “Our first impressions of Mirodo are very positive. We like how there are videos to support the different lessons and tasks and these appear to be added to all of the time.”

Real Impact on Pupils and Teachers

The integration of Mirodo has notably increased engagement and excitement among pupils, especially those in Upper Key Stage 2. Teachers report, “Children enjoy using Mirodo, they find it engaging and are excited when they get to use the platforms in school.”

For teachers, Mirodo offers a user-friendly solution that significantly reduces workload. “Staff find the system easy to use and this has had a positive impact on staff workload compared to the option of moving back to paper-based homework activities,” they noted.

Stand-out moments with Mirodo

Mirodo shone particularly during targeted interventions and revision sessions for Year Six pupils preparing for their SATs. The platform supported focused practice and consolidation of key concepts. It also played a key role in enhancing the science curriculum, providing interactive resources that increased engagement.