How to Book a Free (Trial) Lesson ๐Ÿ“–

TLDR (Quick steps)

  1. Click the booking link here
  2. Navigate to and select your child's year group and subject
  3. Choose Trial from the 'Booking Options' and click the 'Select & Continue' button
  4. Sign up (You will need these details to access the lessons)
  5. Choose the date and time for the lesson and 'Add to cart'
  6. Repeat steps for another subject/child OR 'Checkout now' from the basket


Visual Guide

  1. Click the booking link here

  2. Step 2
    Under 'All classes’ scroll down to your child's Year Group.
    Swipe or click the arrows to find the subject you want a trial for i.e. English, Maths, Science or Computer Science.
    Click on your chosen option.
    (Some subjects have 1-hour and 2-hour options, you can claim up to 2 hours of free trial lessons)

  3. Step 3
    Click on the 'Booking options' button or scroll down to find it below.
    Choose the 'Trial' option and then the 'Select & Continue' button below.
    Fill in your details in the pop-up and click 'Sign-Up' to register.
    (You will need this to access the lessons)

  4. Step 4
    Choose an available date and time and 'Add to cart'
    Repeat the steps when booking a lesson for a sibling or in another subject.
    (When booking for a sibling, choose + Add new student in the booking options from Step 3)
    OR Click 'Checkout now' to go to the basket where you can complete your booking.

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