Year 6 SATs KS2 Tests 2023 English & Maths

Alan Turing KS2 Activity Pack


Discover the Alan Turing KS2 Activity Pack, blending Maths and English tasks inspired by the Father of Computer Science. Unravel mathematical puzzles and explore patterns, while enhancing literacy through creative writing and reading exercises. Engage KS2 pupils with this curriculum-aligned activity pack.

Ignite curiosity and celebrate Turing's legacy with this dynamic learning resource. Ideal for classrooms or home use, it's a gateway to inspire the innovators of tomorrow.


  • Engaging Maths activities inspired by Turing's mathematical brilliance

  • Thought-provoking English exercises that boost creativity

  • Curriculum-aligned content suitable for Key Stage 2 students

  • Inspiring insights into the life and work of Alan Turing, the Father of Computer Science

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