Secondary Year 7 Pupils

Primary to Secondary Transition


Mirodo supports the transition between Primary and Secondary school as some pupils may start Year 7 with gaps in their understanding. Use Mirodo as part of your transition toolkit to support your pupils and ensure a better start to KS3.


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Recovery Curriculum For Year 7

Mirodo’s online platform covers all KS2 topics in English and Maths. Whether in class or at home, pupils can access our bank of over 40,000 differentiated practice questions to consolidate learning and fill gaps.

Assign targeted tasks for classwork or homework. All practice questions and tests are instantly marked with feedback personalised to each pupil. Mirodo will recommend specific topics, based on gaps and will identify areas of intervention instantly.

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Mirodo Teacher Data Reporting
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Provide Targeted
Intervention and Close Gaps

Pupils may be starting Secondary school at different stages of learning. Mirodo’s data insights allows teachers to identify individual pupil, group or class learning gaps instantly. From gap analysis reports to in-depth class reports, Mirodo can help provide effective intervention to ensure pupil progress and build confidence across secondary education.

Boost Confidence In Preparation For KS3

Mirodo is designed to develop pupil confidence and build a solid foundation for Year 7. Mirodo will keep pupils engaged throughout the year, whilst building fluency and boosting progress!

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Boosting Pupil Motivation and Confidence

Benefit From Our GO LIVE Feature!

Designed for teachers and pupils, our live classroom tool is easy to use and highly effective. Go Live revolutionizes learning by allowing teachers to receive immediate responses and feedback at the point of learning. Built to support teachers with the recovery curriculum, GoLive will support teachers to fill gaps in learning and address misconceptions in class or remotely.


Additional Resources

– Comprehensive worksheets and packs to support your new Year 7 pupils and recap Primary work.

– Use as homework or revision. Flexible and easy to implement alongside lessons.

– Clearly structured and following the National Curriculum.

– Available for all staff and parents at your school.

Mirodo KS2 Resources
Mirodo Design

“Mirodo has saved me time. I use it to set homework and to reinforce topics in class. My pupils enjoy using it and I have even had parents stopping me in the playground to say their kids love doing homework on the platform.”

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Year 5 Teacher, London

Mirodo has saved me so much time. The ability to set tasks quickly with appropriate questions has been fantastic. Our pupils find it easy to use”


Year 4 Teacher, London

“Pupils found the platform easy to navigate and really enjoyed, and benefited from seeing their answers and scores straight away – the children in my class were able to set themselves targets and ask for help in areas they struggled with before I had even looked at the scores myself. I would definitely  recommend it to other schools.”


Year 6 Teacher, Birmingham

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