The online learning platform that will transform your child’s progress.

Mirodo has been designed by experts to help children aged 8 to 11 build Maths and English skills.

Whether your child needs extra support, or needs a challenge, Mirodo can help. Our learning platform will adapt to your child’s needs. From building the foundations to extending learning, we’ve got it covered.

How It Works


Let your child shine – Mirodo is used by schools in the top 20 for attainment in the UK!

We understand everyone learns at a different pace. Some topics don’t come easy, but our unique online learning tool will guide your child to catch up, build confidence and stay ahead.


Boost Confidence

Mirodo will support your child to grasp concepts faster, build confidence and progress.

Motivate your child with trophies and goals. Mirodo helps to build positive learning habits that go beyond Year 3, Year 4 , Year 5 and Year 6.

This has been a game changer for my son. He was struggling with Maths and now seems to be growing in confidence.

Samina, Parent

Mirodo has been great. It’s been easy to slot in short practice within their day and the teachers at school have commented on the great progress they’ve made.

Greg, Parent

I was initially looking for a private tutor as my daughter was struggling with her Maths. I came across Mirodo and thought I’d try it for a month. It’s been four months now and I can’t believe the progress she’s made. She’s moved up groups at school and she seems to really enjoy earning points. Would recommend.

Rihanne, Parent


  • Covers Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar and Reading
  • Instant marking and track progress
  • Every topic covered
  • Personalised learning plan


  • Arithmetic, Reasoning, Times Tables and Problem Solving
  • Instant marking and track progress
  • Every topic covered
  • Personalised learning plan

Math & English

  • Both Maths and English covered
  • Personalised learning plan for each subject
  • Track progress for all topics
  • Build Key skills in core subjects

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