All-in-one Assessment Platform for Catching up and Beyond

Mirodo can help you to:

✅ Identify and address any gaps in learning with regular short but effective assessments.

✅ Set targeted formative assessments for use in class or for remote learning.

✅ Access comprehensive feedback and reporting to support targeted intervention.

Mirodo gives you access to simple, easy-to-use assessments. From Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation to Reading and Maths, Mirodo’s bank of assessments and questions has it all covered across Years 3-7.

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Why choose Mirodo?

Mirodo has been an excellent addition to our school’s offering of online learning tools. It is so easy to set tasks and monitor pupil’s progress towards learning or revising key skills, and is engaging and user-friendly for pupils. Sometimes working in Years 3, 4 and 5, finding banks of questions that you are confident meet your year group’s required objectives can be hard to find. Mirodo gives teachers confidence that the questions being set are pitched completely at the correct level.

 It has been really useful as a tool for homework, helping children to consolidate their understanding of concepts taught in school.

The platform is easy to use for both teachers and pupils, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Thomas Kowalski, AHT, St Clare's Catholic School

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How Mirodo can help you

Spend less time preparing, marking and analysing assessments. Our comprehensive range of resources will your assess your pupils’ skills across the Curriculum and give you data insights for attainment, progress and intervention.


Build confidence and fluency

With thousands of prepared differentiated questions you can help pupils to build fluency and problem solving. Mirodo helps your pupils set learning goals through adaptive to consolidate and extend their understanding for Maths and English.

Pupils enjoy practising key skills on Mirodo and you can save hours every week marking and analysing data. Mirodo will reduce your workload and support you to boost pupil confidence and results.


KS2 All-through reporting

Assess and report across KS2 with Mirodo’s time-saving, all-through reporting tool.

GoLive is our latest, catch-up and intervention tool which can be used in class or remotely. Access 40,000 questions and get immediate feedback to support your pupils with catch-up and intervention.

Engaging Video Lessons


Access Mirodo’s bank of animated Maths and English video lessons, specifically created for pupils across KS2.

Covering key topics, from nouns and adverbials, to statistics fractions and ratio, assign videos to your pupils to support their formative tasks. All videos are structured just like a real lesson and help to build understanding.


Why Mirodo?

  • Full Curriculum Coverage across KS2

  • Bank of videos to support learning

  • Reading, Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation and Maths

  • Over 40,000 Differentiated Questions

  • Select questions by topic, pitch, type and set easily as homework or within class

  • All questions instantly marked with question level feedback and analysis for pupils, classes and groups

  • Identify gaps, track and monitor progress with detailed data insights across KS2

  • Use Mirodo as a classroom tool, to set homework or even for remote learning.

Boost KS2 Results

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