Using a Hundred Chart-creative ways to use

A hundred chart or grid is probably something your child is familiar with. There are many creative ways to use the chart to help your child build their understanding. Here’s some of our favourites: 1.Search for patterns. The number chart is great for visually seeing the patterns which exist. What does 14+4, 24+4, 34+4 etc […]

Famous Mathmeticians: Alan Turing

One of the most famous British Mathematicians who contributed greatly to the field of computers and artificial intelligence is Alan Turing. We’ve compiled some interesting facts to share with pupils about this creator and innovator. In 1936 Turing wrote a paper which has been described as the founding point of computers. He hypothesised that one […]

5 ways to help your child with reading comprehension

Homework Maths Stress

Comprehension is a word that can fill children with dread!Being tested on an author’s work can sometimes spike up the pressure and make reading for pleasure difficult.However, reading for comprehension is an important skill and one they will need to draw on for their KS2 Sats tests. Once your child has achieved confidence in this […]