Free Home Learning Packs

At Mirodo, we are supporting parents to extend learning at home with our comprehensive Maths home learning packs.

Created by expert teachers, these packs are suitable for all pupils in primary year groups, 3 to 6. The Maths home learning packs are completely FREE to download and easy for parents to use as part of home schooling, recapping topics from school or as a daily brain booster activity. All worksheets in each year group packs, cover the KS2 National Curriculum topics for Maths and provides great practice for your child.

To fill in any gaps in learning, we encourage schools to send these packs to their pupils electronically or post on their website to download themselves. We also have several upcoming free online and printable resources our team will be releasing, so keep a look out for this by following our social media pages.

For those seeking further resources to support home learning for their children, take a look at our all-in-one KS2 English and Maths platform. From over 30,000 questions, full test sets, personalised reporting and goals and trophies, our online platform helps to accelerate key skills and boost confidence quickly.

Year 3 Maths Home Learning Pack

Our KS2 Maths Home Learning Pack contains a variety of fun, themed Maths worksheets, designed to keep children engaged at home. This KS2 pack for pupils in year 3 will help revise the Maths key topics from identifying shape properties, labeling Fractions, angles, problem solving and more. Answers are also included in the pack.

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Year 4 Maths Home Learning Pack

This KS2 pack is specifically designed for pupils in year 4 to revise the key Maths topics in line with the national curriculum objectives. Our comprehensive worksheets covers rounding, place values, problem solving, angles, problem solving fractions, decimals and more. Parents can check their child’s answers with the answer sheet provided in the pack.

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Year 5 Maths Home Learning Pack

Challenge your child’s arithmetic and reasoning skills with this KS2 Maths Maths pack for pupils in year 5. Tailored to the needs of the National Curriculum, the worksheets cover key topics from Percentages, solving Multiplication problems, decimals, area and perimeter and many more.

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Year 6 Maths Home Learning Pack

This comprehensive pack for pupils in year 6 contains a variety of engaging Maths worksheets, designed to consolidate learning at home whilst help to develop the key skills for secondary school. Worksheets cover a broad range of Year 6 Maths topics from Roman Numerals, Percentages, Factors, Equations and more.

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We hope these Maths Home learning Packs provide all parents and teachers with the extra support to continue learning at home and fill in any gaps in the KS2 Maths curriculum.

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